G1 with Frontalot and ytcracker

Saturday, May 31st, 2008 @ 11:27 am | Misc

3 MCs

At the G4 video shoot in Los Angeles. It was actually for ytcracker portion of a sick promo campaign for G4tv, shoutin nerd life. Frontalot did his shoot earlier that day, and I was able to make it to ytc’s shoot on Hollywood Blvd, which went late into the night. I was leaving the next day for memorial day weekend vacation, so I missed the MC Lars show at the Knitting Factory. :(



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  • New video coming soon
  • big a$$ fire!
  • No, I haven’t forgotten about you, internet.
  • The world’s first music video shot entirely on an iPhone
  • Album Available for Download!!!
  • Album status
  • G1 to perform at Westcoast Wig Out, Nov 15th
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