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The world’s first music video shot entirely on an iPhone

Dec 08, 2008 in Art, Music, nerd

Check out my new video for Newteknowledge, shot entirely on my iPhone 3G.


Album Available for Download!!!

Nov 21, 2008 in Music, nerd

After nearly three years of labor and love, the result of hours of work after everyone else has gone to sleep, hunched over a laptop and drum machine, ears numb from loudspeakers, and throat raw from screaming ramblings into the microphone. This is my commentary on my life as an underdog, using my intelligence and tech skills to craft an opus for the modern day Poindexter, decorated with the electronic sounds of underground Los Angeles. I proudly present to you:

ctrl_alt_ego cover

Available for free download for the rest of 2008.
Click this link to cop it.


Album status

Oct 11, 2008 in Music, nerd

So, for all those concerned, my full-length debut album is finished mixing and delivers to get it mastered. It is a big step in the evolution of my music, simply because I have managed to actually finish something. There will be a more official announcement coming soon, but I haven’t blogged recently, so I figured I would post something to wet your appetite (all five of you that read this). Estimated release date of “ctrl_alt_ego” will be October 22.

G1 to perform at Westcoast Wig Out, Nov 15th

Sep 17, 2008 in Music, nerd


Big ups go out to Genoboost!! for hooking up the sweet venue. Should be fire because the lineup is so sick right now. I admire most of these guys, and the others I just heard of today (I have been in a serious vacuum as of late, in the studio every night). So everyone who reads this, or I should say the two people that read this, should come out and support. I should have hard copies of my debut album for sale and giveaways.
Who: (click names for artist info)
Chubby Chasers (Torrance, CA)
GOSHone (Los Angeles, CA)
IllGill (Los Angeles, CA)
Legendary Wizard (Rohnert Park, CA)
MC Mega (Ontario, CA)
Nomad (El Cajon, CA)
Sudden Death (Hamburg, NJ)
Super Barrio Brothers (Los Angeles/Palm Desert, CA)
ZeaLouS1 (Oceanside, CA)

Another live show - Wed, April 30!!!!

Apr 23, 2008 in Misc, Music, nerd

Ok, for those who missed it the first time, teh GOSHone is gonna blaze the stage once more. This time, an event put on by and for the company I am working for, Asylum FX.

This is called Asylumpalooza, and there will be a bunch of other bands performing that night. It is a company of some of the awesomest nerds and kewl geeks and leet computer dorks, so it should be a blast. Come and get ur nerd on.

Wednesday, April 30th
@ 14 Below (map)
1348 14th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

p.s. Album coming sooonz

My daughter rOOlz

Jan 29, 2008 in Misc, Peeps, nerd

Jordan on the XO

My kid will pwn ur kid anytime, and she is only like one and a half years old. She already knows how to hack low security firewalls and launch DoS attacks. You will probably be getting spam from her botnets soon.

Album update

Jan 16, 2008 in Misc, Music, nerd

Well, if there is anyone out there that reads this, and gives a $h!t, the album is very, very, very, very, close to becoming a true reality.  So far, I have more than half of the songs recorded and mixed to acceptable levels.  I still want to rerecord some vocals for at least two songs, and I am still working on the final addition.  The nerd ANTHEM that will hopefully elevate the project, as my manager, Valerie, believes.

I haven’t posted any entries for a while, so trying to get back into the swing of it.  I have been working a lot and have tried to spend my small amounts of free time by making music, and increasing my rank in Call Of Duty 4 (I need to unlock some better guns, so I can kick more ass).

I’m tired.

GOSHone & Sean Kingston

Dec 17, 2007 in Music, nerd

G1 & SKGOSHone up in the studio with Sean Kingston, as he lays down vocals for “Gotta Move Faster”. Dope song and doper message, that the proper ‘puter can make all the difference. Check out my own video in the video section here, and stay tuned for more stuff.

nerds CAN overcome

Nov 16, 2007 in Art, nerd


Watching this movie right now, and Lewis Skolnick is the man, or should I say “nerd”. I haven’t seen it in a long time, and totally forgot that Ogre becomes a nerd, crazy. I didn’t even miss Gilbert. I ended up buying the box set. Gonna sample me some nerdy movie magic.
gosh out

p.s. Booger rAwkS! “We’ve got BUSH!”