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big a$$ fire!

Sep 03, 2009 in Misc

This is NOT a disco inferno, it’s a REAL inferno.  I can see these plumes of smoke from my front yard, and it looks like a friggin volcano erupting.  Also it is shooting all kinds of ash into the air making me sneeze constantly and covering my car with volcano dandruff.  I hear two firefighters were killed, which is a damn shame.  The world is goin crazy.

No, I haven’t forgotten about you, internet.

Sep 01, 2009 in Misc

Mr. Brainwash is washing you

Mr. Brainwash is washing you

Just been a bit preoccupied with real life stuff.  Nothing bad, just enough of it to keep me distracted.  The good news is that there will be some new GOSHone songs creeping over the horizon.  The first song will ALSO be accompanied by a hot shit music video!  It is kind of a secret, but since no one really reads this blog, I will spoil the surprise… I made the music video track using Beatmaker on my iPhone!  And it sounds sick (hint hint)!  You will also see the return of the lovely Bexy on that track, so those who liked her on ‘flowinabout’ on my first album, definitely stay tuned for this one.