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Friday, November 21st, 2008 @ 1:32 am | Music, nerd

After nearly three years of labor and love, the result of hours of work after everyone else has gone to sleep, hunched over a laptop and drum machine, ears numb from loudspeakers, and throat raw from screaming ramblings into the microphone. This is my commentary on my life as an underdog, using my intelligence and tech skills to craft an opus for the modern day Poindexter, decorated with the electronic sounds of underground Los Angeles. I proudly present to you:

ctrl_alt_ego cover

Available for free download for the rest of 2008.
Click this link to cop it.

goshone - ctrl_alt_ego

1. Laptop Muzik
2. Flowin About (Feat. Bexy)
3. Dataflow
4. Ultimate (Feat. Lizzy X)
5. Newteknowledge
6. Where My Nerds At?
7. Gamers Life (Feat. Aijia)
8. U Can Do Dat
9. Big Brains (Feat. MC Plus+)
10. (schitzophrenicricket mix)
11. Haterz (feat. ytCracker)
12. Rompus (feat. Gyggy)
13. Ramblin (feat. NSD)
14. Divine Dizine

All songs written, produced, performed, recorded, mixed, and remixed by GOSHone at Outback Studio for Off The Clock Records except…
Female vocals performed by Rebecca “Bexy” Breitburg on track 1.
Female vocals performed by Liz Constantine on track 4.
Female vocals performed Aijia Lise on track 7.
Lyrics written and performed by Armand Navabi on track 9.
Lyrics written and performed by Bryce Case, Jr. on track 11.
Female vocals performed by Gyggy Planchart on track 12.
Additional rambling peformed by Paul “NSD” Davies on track 13.
Mastered by Marcin Nowak at Elysian Masters.
(c) 2008 Off The Clock, Inc.



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    3 Responses to “Album Available for Download!!!”

    1. judykoep Says:

      Hey, Josh!

      Just getting started on your website. Listened to 2 songs — very impressed — and downloaded them to iTunes. I had no idea you had come so far in your music. I am pleased that you wanted to share with me.


    2. mindwraps Says:

      Superb work man ! Got here via’s post on your video, but happy I clicked through to check out the entire album. Straight to my iPod. Would have been happy to pay for this. Keep it up !

    3. iPhone Music Video | The Geek Review Says:

      [...] NERDcore artist GOSHone has released what he claims to be the first music video shot entirely on the iPhone. The video was shot with a jailbroken iPhone 3G using Cycorder. The video is a bit jumpy but that is because Cycorder can only shoot a about 15 frames per second so it doesn’t deal well with fast moation, but it give the music video a dynamic feel. Also right now you can download for free GOSHone’s new album clt_atl_ego. [...]

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