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OK, so I lag a little bit

Jul 10, 2008 in Misc


My nickname in high school was ‘lag’, or ‘lagger’, or some kind of combination thereof. Sometimes my friends would call me ‘fifteen minutes’, because I was always 15 minutes later than I was supposed to be. OK, so maybe even half an hour. So I have been slightly behind schedule on several things lately. A lot of little things like financial stuff, family stuff, work stuff, this new game idea I have, but mainly my music project. Yeah, the music project. It has been soo long coming, but also seems sooo close to completion. Yet still so far. Don’t be discouraged, however, my loyal fan(s). It will come, and it will be groundbreaking, and it will slam your frontal lobe to the back of your skull. Only 1.5 songs left to finish, but that is a sum of many small uncompleted parts. Someone could leave a comment to let me know you read this.