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New song available -> Haterz (feat. ytCracker)

Mar 20, 2008 in Misc

little phattyOk, ok. I know, the album isn’t out yet. Things are taking a bit longer than expected, but fear not, it will be worth the wait. I’m delivering at least a dozen bangin tracks for that ass, for FREE, no less.In the meantime please enjoy this track. A fine collaboration between myself and the one and only king of nerdcore, ytCracker. It’s a social commentary on the status of our generation, living in the information age, and how that impacts our relationships with each other in a continually evolving electronic ecosystem.

Nahhhh… This goes out to all you HATERZ!

Haterz (feat. ytCracker) - GOSHone

Play this link or you can find this song and more on the Audio page. )

Feb 23, 2008 in Misc, Music

Actually, last week i started my new job at Asylum FX, and I really like it. It did take a while to get adjusted, but

3 hour, 45 minutes pass…
Sorry, got distracted by some music shit. Re-recording vocals. Anyhow, the new job is much, much, awesomer.

Stay tuned, album is dropping any week now.

Tha Lab v2.0

Feb 13, 2008 in Misc

The new setup for 2008

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally got around to rearranging my home studio. I promised myself that I would finish my album before doing this, but I just couldn’t wait. So, there it is, in all it’s pro-sumer glory.
It isn’t too different as far as equipment, but the awesomest addition has got to be the TV. I shouldn’t even call it a TV. It is the Sharp Aquos 32” 1080p HDTV, which I an using as a monitor (and a TV for those nights when I am feeling lazy). It is sick! Nuff said.
I would have to say the second most awesome piece of gear is the patch bay. It makes connecting all my stuff way easy. Except I had to buy like double the cables, but it was worth it.
Anywho, I can now use all my shit without having to stack and move stuff around. Grin!

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My daughter rOOlz

Jan 29, 2008 in Misc, Peeps, nerd

Jordan on the XO

My kid will pwn ur kid anytime, and she is only like one and a half years old. She already knows how to hack low security firewalls and launch DoS attacks. You will probably be getting spam from her botnets soon.

Album update

Jan 16, 2008 in Misc, Music, nerd

Well, if there is anyone out there that reads this, and gives a $h!t, the album is very, very, very, very, close to becoming a true reality.  So far, I have more than half of the songs recorded and mixed to acceptable levels.  I still want to rerecord some vocals for at least two songs, and I am still working on the final addition.  The nerd ANTHEM that will hopefully elevate the project, as my manager, Valerie, believes.

I haven’t posted any entries for a while, so trying to get back into the swing of it.  I have been working a lot and have tried to spend my small amounts of free time by making music, and increasing my rank in Call Of Duty 4 (I need to unlock some better guns, so I can kick more ass).

I’m tired.

My nemesis

Dec 06, 2007 in Misc, Music

These are worse than fuckin roaches.

My home studio, located in my backyard within a converted garage, is definitely not the ideal recording environment. Don’t get of wrong, i am thankful to have it, but the sound really bounces around the room, and I share the room with our live in nanny. The worst thing, however is the fucking crickets! They get so loud, i feel like my head might explode. Needless to say, it makes recording at night, which I prefer, rather difficult.

Hello world!

Nov 10, 2007 in Misc

My first blog entry of my new website. I decided to use WordPress temporarily until my new custom site goes online. I am not so sure about the template I chose, but they all kinda suck unless you tweak them. I highly reccommend using WordPress, tho. It was a sinch to set up (relatively compared to doing all the code urself), and easy to edit. Gotta try to figure out how to hook it up to my flickr acct now, and myspace, etc.